February 13th, 2018

So thrilled to announce that I have shot my first Co-Star appearance for the NBC-Universal Network Drama The Blacklist.  I'll be appearing in Episode #516, air date TBA but expected some time late-March/early-April.  More details to come when the episode airs but until then, no spoilers!

March 9th-April 29th, 2018

Now this is how to start a year.  On March 9th I begin rehearsals for The Bridges of Madison County at Theatreworks in Palo Alto, California.  I'm taking on the role of Robert Kincaid, a photographer for the National Geographic who stumbles into a small Iowa town and finds a life-changing romance is waiting.  This Tony-Award Winning Musical (2014 Best Score) has music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown (Parade, The Last Five Years), book by Marsha Norman ('Night Mother, The Secret Garden), and will be directed by Theatreworks Artistic Director Robert Kelley.  The original novel The Bridges of Madison County was written by Robert James Waller, and the love story spent over three years on the New York Times Best-Seller list.


April 29th, 2018

The Bridges of Madison County closes today, and with a full heart and soaring spirit we say goodbye to this beautiful production.  I can't say thank you enough to this marvelous cast, fearless leadership and wonderful community.  Here's to everyone who was a part of this wonderful show, and hopefully our paths will cross again very soon.

Be sure to check out the production photos in the gallery, along with some lovely quotes from the reviews.


MICHAEL STROGOFF, Courier of the Tsar

Reading at The York Theatre Company, October 18th at 7pm and October 19th at 1pm

MICHAEL STROGOFF, Courier of the Tsar tells a tale of adventure, romance, and deceit with a sweeping score and a healthy dose of good humor along the way. In 1875, the Tsar’s newest courier gets a perilous mission: travel to Siberia incognito to save the Tsar’s brother from an assassin. Michael Strogoff must avoid an invading Tartar army, deceive a pair of jolly journalists, and ultimately deal with the murderous Ivan Ogareff. Yet the greatest hazard of all may be the budding romance with his unplanned travelling companion, the beautiful Nadia Fedor.

MICHAEL STROGOFF is written by James Harris (book, lyrics) and Brad Ross (music ), and the reading is directed by Robert Cuccioli (you know who he is). I’m playing two good roles, Count Nessel, the major domo of the Tsar, and Wassily Fedor, exiled father of the heroine Nadia Fedor.

Our distinguished cast includes: Kacie Sheik (Hair), Michael Hunsacker (Ragtime), Tina Stafford (Cagney), Michael Padgett, Mark Montague, Blaine Boyd , Elanna White (Bully), Clair Rachel Howell, Andrew Howard, Taylor Pardell, and David Wasson (Man of La Mancha).